Developing plan

Children's rights

Games for kids






     New school was built in 1979.

     Its ambient is consist of  evergreen and deciduous trees,

     sward and flowers carefuly conservative by employees.





      Big school playground, pupil's favourite place, is behind

      the main building.




          Thanks to principal, school is very well equipped with educational resources and modern technical devices.

          It looks very pretty and arranged and interior hygiene is on the highest level.


School corridors has many flowers, art work exhibitions, gift-pictures which was made by pupils of final grades for memoirs, billboards with actual and interesting topics from different domains.


School has eight classrooms, two specialized classrooms, cabinet for informatics.

All classrooms are equipped with modern furniture and modern educational resources.

Pedagogy is organized ministry, so teachers make work atmosphere visually stimulus.



School has 6 VHSs, 1 digital camera, 8 TVs, 21 computers, 2 lap-tops, 2 video projectors, 6 DVD players and many audio and visual resources.



Half-day residence for preschool grades is real oasis for kids, full of toys which develops children imagination, books, audio CDs, video tapes and heartiness of two educators.



          School library has around 11.400 books in serbian and slovakian language. The bigger part are companion paper titles and homemade persual. Thanks to good cooperation with publishers, library has large amount of new books for all school grades.



There are many activities from different subjects: slovakian and serbian language, german language, maths, geography, history, biology, physics, art, literary, reciter, traffic, drama...

Pupils has very good results in sport, especially in gymnastics and football. Art works from our pupils are often being awarded. At the end of school-year, on final show pupils get special awards and diplomas for excellent marks or high results in different competitions. They get books as prizes, which are from the area of their interest. Pupils from slovakian grades pay attention on their tradition and culture. Many of them are members of local folklore club and take part in different competitions such as “Zlata brana” in Kisač. As a matter of international cooperation, it goes through Republic of Slovakia, where we take part in many art works open competitions.



          Our school was several times host for County and Republic competitions in Slovakian language as non-mother tongue. Our pupils always were in first three places.



Pupil's life in school are not just mandatory classes, nor it ends with it. Every school-year we have activities that makes pupils happy: departure to theatre, excursion, picnics, parties... "Children's week" is a festival not only for school, but for all village, because we have many traditional activities: drawing on asphalt, fancy-dress party, fair (favourite and most like) fashion review... Teacher's Day is a big challenge for pupils cause they take over the school life in their own hands.


School management is a teamwork of School-board, Parent's council, Children's council, Pupil's parliament and Red cross. External partnerships are Ministry of education, Local community Aradac, Embassy of Slovakia, Health centre of Aradac, sport clubs, Theater and museum from Zrenjanin, Serbian orthodox church, Slovakian evangelistic church...



          School organize a few bigger shows during the school-yearreception of the first-graders in  Childrens council, celebration of the Saint Sava Day, The 8th March show and The final show. All the pupils and teachers take part in celebration of the Saint Sava Day. Every year we prepare appropriate show about life and work of Saint Sava, which is full with recitals, dramatizations, performance of soul music by school choir. On our shows patronages are deputies of both churches, members of local community, parents etc.



At the end we would like to mention our two most famous ex pupils.


     Dr Milenko Bojanić - Šecko (1924-1987), had wealthy political and business career.

For many years he was the chairman of “ZastavaCorporation from  Kragujevac.

In the seventies he was the president of Serbian Government.


            Dr of literary science Adam Svetlik (1961), works as a professor in Philosophic faculty of Novi Sad.